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I have always had a love for skin care products, facials and treatments, but never pursued that avenue with my license. Once I went through my own skin care journey (check out Melissa’s skin journey here!) I found a whole new respect for not only the process and products, but for the individual going through treatment! After extensive amounts of research and of course talking with my dermatologist and my family doctor about SeneGence products, both agreeing the ingredients were key to better skin, I started using SeneDerm skin care. LIFE CHANGING you guys. I saw results in 30 days, 60 days and by 90 days my skin was almost unrecognizable. I went from purple and red scars, discoloration and an uneven texture to damn near flawless. OK, it wasn’t 100% yet, but pretty flawless to me!

SeneDerm (SeneGence skin care) was vital to my recovery! These products are formulated to actually WORK! Say what? Products over the counter that actually work? YES!!!!! I’m living proof! Look at these pictures below! That is my journey! Each product developed with key ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, ACTIVE STABILIZED vitamin C, volcanic ash and nanagi oil are what make these products outstanding. The fact that there is more oil in the oily line is pure genius (ok its science and the nature of the skin)! See my basic skin care knowledge video linked below for more info on why this makes sense!

Need hep coming up with a skin care routine for YOUR skin? Please comment below and I can help guide you!

My MUST HAVES are Facial Resurfacer, Climate Control, Nangai Oil and Vitamin Brightening Serum!

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Skin care knowledge


Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment 

Dark spots? Sun spots? Acne spots & scars? Age spots? Watch them diminish before your eyes with this proven to work treatment. Specially formulated with stabilized active vitamin C, sodium hyaluronate, vitamin A, B3, E, Co-Enzyme Q10, SenePlex Complex & Glucosamine, this treatment is a liquid eraser!

Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment

Brightening Multi Vitamin Treatment Information



Facial Resurfacer

If you are in the market for a new facial exfoliant, look no further! Facial Resurfacer is hands down the best skin buffer out there! Packed full of rich ingredients, volcanic ash, nangai oil, and SenePlex Complex to help speed up cellular renewal! Facial Resurfacer scrubs away dead skin cells, evens out texture, moisturizes, and leaves your skin feeling extremely smooth! This is a MUST HAVE product in your skin care routine.

Facial resurfacer

Facial Resurfacer Exfoliant

Facial Resurfacer Product Info



Hydrating Facial Serum Mist

This lightweight mist instantly refreshed and revitalizes your skin! Use any time of the day, over your SeneGence cosmetics, on the go, morning and night! Paraben, oil & alcohol FREE, this product is perfect for those who have oily skin and want a light hydrator with the effects of an intense treatment! Packed full of long term anti aging benefits, extracts and SenePlex complex, your skins thirst will instantly be quenched!

Hydrating Facial Serum Mist

Hydrating Facial Serum Mist Product Info




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