Battle of Dry Shampoos!

I think I speak for MOST women when I say,  DRY SHAMPOO IS LIFE! 

If you have never used dry shampoo, I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life, but it needs to change! Dry shampoo is an absolute MUST in your beauty routine!

As a former hair stylist (ok, I still do hair, just not in a salon) I have used many different dry shampoos! Some I love, some I’ll never purchase again!

There are so many brands out there, how am I supposed to choose? Let me help you!

Let’s start out with the very well known, “Not Your Mother’s” brand at your local Target. It will get the job done, BUT it adds a ton of texture and makes your hair feel even more dirty. That to me, defeats the purpose!

I want a weightless product that makes the grease disappear! 

My runner up is Pulp Riot. This is a very good dry shampoo and was my go to for quit some time! That was until I tried…

AMIKA! Amika Perk Up is hands down the BEST dry shampoo on the market. It’s worth every penny and you won’t be disappointed! Perk Up does not add unwanted texture & product build up. It’s a VERY light, soft dry shampoo! Next time you head to the salon, ask your stylist about it! If they don’t carry it, ask them to!

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 2.38.29 PM


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