Let’s Talk LipSense!

Have you heard of LipSense? I’m sure you have! It’s been the popular, go-to, must have lipstick for the last few years and has been around since 1999! 

What is all the craze about? Hundreds of thousands of women (and men) has been falling in love with LipSense. The main reason why… it does NOT smudge! Here’s how it works…

The secret is in the delivery system! SD40 cosmetic grade alcohol is thinner than water and used to apply the color, evaporate off quickly, leaving the pigment behind, bonded to your lips! Nope! It’s not a lip stain, so it will NOT sink into your blood stream! There is NOTHING on the market like it. Sure there may be “long lasting lip colors” on the market, but what happens when you eat a juicy cheeseburger? It will be GONE! LipSense won’t. You really do get what you pay for with this one!

SeneGence products are WAX FREE

Why is this so important? Ask yourself, why do people wax their cars & surf boards? To keep the moisture out! So, why do you wax your lips with lipstick and chapstick? You’re just keeping the moisture out! Wax is a foreign unwanted substance that your body will naturally get rid of by sloughing (exfoliating) it off! So what do I use instead of chapstick? SeneGence Lip Balm! Start healing your lips by discontinuing the wax based products! LipSense is wax free, making it unable to transfer, smudge , or rub off!

How do you apply LipSense?

Shake the tube of color really well to disburse all the pigment! Wipe off the excess product from the wand and apply in three layers, using strokes like motions, in the same direction! Let dry, then apply Glossy gloss.

How to purchase LipSense

Contact your distributor (Don’t have one? I would love to be your go to girl!) and place your order! You can also place orders through your distributors website! If this is your first time purchasing, you will need to get the collection! This includes the color of your choice, a Glossy Gloss and the Ooops Remover. Need help choosing a color? Ask your distributor or check out my Facebook page albums! (I’ll include some pictures below).

What if I already have a lip gloss?

If it’s not a SeneGence gloss, it will not work, PERIOD. SeneGence gloss is patented to be able to go through the bond of your pigment to hydrate your lips without breaking down the bond!

Already have a LipSense collection and want more?

Now that you have gloss and remover, you can purchase the color separate as wanted and start building your collection!!

Can I mix colors?

YES!!! In fact I prefer to mix them and create your own lip colors! It’s SO MUCH FUN! Also, since you are layering them in 3 layers, if you have 3 colors, you essentially have 27 colors depending on the order you layered them in! I mix colors all the time and get compliments left and right!

What if I love LipSense and decide to sell it?

This is what most of us do! We try it out, fall in LOVE because there is nothing like it, want to share it with everyone, then to make money selling it! It’s the same price as buying the first time collection! $55 gets you a yearly membership to purchasing everything you want at wholesale!


Here are a few of my top selling colors. If you’d like to see more, please visit my Facebook  & Pinterest (icons at the top of this site) to see more colors!

Comment below with your favorite! Interested in purchasing? Comment below or email me at LipLovebyMelissa@yahoo.com

LipSense application and putting it to the test!

IMG_3530IMG_3522IMG_3515IMG_3514IMG_3505IMG_3495IMG_3489ACTUAL color swatches lipsenseglosses


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