10 Secrets and Tips You Need to Know When Purchasing Skin Care!

In today’s beauty market it’s all about someone trying to sell you something they think works or impulse buying because the packaging caught your eye! Am I wrong? Now, I know what you’re thinking! Melissa, you sell skin care. Yes, I do! The difference is,  I know what I’m talking about!

Years back, I had no idea what I was doing! Yes, I was licensed, but I was not yet knowledgable! I walked into Sephora and asked them for a brightening treatment! Something that would get rid of my post acne marks and just over all brighten my complexion! The “beauty expert” had no idea what was in any of the products. She didn’t know the active ingredient (when I asked her she thought she knew, but after my research of course, she didn’t have a clue)! She went to this machine that does all the work for you! If you have ever been in a Sephora, you know this computer I’m speaking of! She plugs in a few answers and BOOM we have the perfect skin care product for you! Now, I’m not going to name this specific product because its irrelevant, but lets just say this vitamin C treatment DIDN’T CONTAIN ACTIVE VITAMIN C! I did purchase it, not knowing and fulling trusting her. After I used over half the bottle I did not notice any change! I was so broken out and my skin was garbage.

After this experience, I not only felt defeated, but I felt it was time to become knowledgeable with our largest organ, the skin. After going all scientific and feeling like I should have got my masters in skin care science (Is there such thing?) , I have learned a few simple things.

Here are my secrets!

1.) Just because there is vitamin C in a product does NOT mean it works! Vitamin C MUST be active and stabilized with a delivery system to protect it from oxidizing until it touches your skin! If it doesn’t do all of these things, it won’t work properly!

2.) Don’t just walk into a beauty store and expect these women (whom I assume don’t receive proper training) to understand and give you skin care that works! They just work there, they don’t really care if it’s going to better your skin!

**What I see a lot is, they recommend top sellers. A top seller doesn’t necessarily mean it works!***

3.) Unlike most cosmetics, outstanding skin care will cost more than drug store products!

4.) When shopping for an exfoliant, ALWAYS make sure it’s polished! Walnut shells especially are very sharp and will cut microscopic lesions into your skin, leaving it exposed to germs, bacteria, and pollutants!

5.) What to look for in a hydrator! Did I mention you need to be hydrating, not just moisturizing? You need a product with sodium hyaluronate (the salt derivative from hyaluronic acid)! This a crucial to hydrate, as hyaluronic acids molecular weight is too big to absorb into your dermis layer!

6.) Should I be spending money on facials? Here is my professional take on this. Not necessarily! If you are exfoliating, cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing daily, than facials aren’t a must! They are nice when you need blackheads removed and special treatments, but you don’t need them all the time, as long as you are using skin care that works!

7.) I have acne scars. HELP! Acne scars come in different varieties. If it’s a surface layer scar that is purplish red and not indented, a serum will help that! If it’s a crater, as I like to call mine, than an esthetician or dermatology office can help better assist you! Micro needling , chemical peels and other treatments may be needed.

8.) Read the active ingredients! Some may be tricky and not state that they are stabilized or active, and that’s where they get away with it!

9.) Just because it comes from a well known company, doesn’t mean it’s the best!

***Take Pantene Pro V for instance. Very well known, and one of the worst products you could put on your hair!***

10.) Always talk to a licensed professional, like myself or your dermatologist, for advise!


Melissa’s MUST HAVES!

Facial Resurfacer

Nangai Oil

Vitamin Brightening Serum (That actually works! SAY WHAT!)

Climate Control Hydrator


This is what well taken care of skin looks like! I have NEVER had an injection.


Please remember my skin hasn’t always been this nice. I went through a huge transformation. Learn more about my skin care journey HERE!

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