Why Every Woman Needs A Dermaflash

Dermaflash? DermaWHAT? 

A Dermaflash is a hand held device used to gently exfoliate and remove unwanted facial hair (peach fuzz)! Have you ever worn foundation and you just can’t get it to blend correctly because your facial hair is in the way? Say you are trying to achieve a flawless look, but your facial canvas isn’t smooth? This is when Dermaflash comes into your life.

The very first time you use a Dermaflash, you will never look back. It is life changing! Your face will be so smooth, you won’t be able to wait to apply your next makeup application!

My personal experience!

I first bought a DermaFlash a few years back. (Yep, I have the old school one! They now have a new super awesome 2.0) I heard about it while taking a makeup class and immediately knew I had to have this device! I had the perfect face for this! My “peach fuzz” was more than just fuzz, if the light hit it right, it was like a whole head of hair! Thank goodness it was blonde! The day had come, my DermaFlash was in my hands and I ran to my bathroom, wasting no time! I followed the easy instructions, cleaned my face and got to work! I’m not kidding you guys! It looked like I shaved a small animal off my face! How was I so unaware I needed this? No wonder my foundation wasn’t smooth! I followed up with the post flash moisturizer and OMG YOU GUYS! JUST STOP! I couldn’t stop petting my own face! I was unreal. The results were REAL!


How much does a Dermaflash starter kit cost?

Depending on where you shop, they are usually around $189USD


I need one NOW! How do I purchase?




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