Beauty Questions Answered!

Between my makeup tutorial page and my business, I get asked beauty questions all day every day! Anything from makeup to hair, I hear it all!

Do you only use SeneGence products?

Of course not. I truly do believe in the products I use, love and sell, but also believe every good makeup artist will use more than one brand! With that being said, I would say 85% of my face is always SeneGence!

In what order do you color correct, conceal and apply foundation?

I start with primer, then I color correct, apply one thin layer of foundation, concealer, then another thin layer of foundation and I always finish with a setting powder and spray!

What is your favorite primer?

Becca Backlight Filter

What is your go to color corrector?

This one is a little tricky to answer, as I always correct differently depending on my dark circles! I use a cream blush (BlushSense), Urban Decay yellow concealer, green (SeneGence) concealer if I have any red areas, and white color corrector (SeneGence) when I need to brighten!

Color correct/conceal video

What is your favorite foundation?

How do I choose just one? I love Dior Forever, MakeSense and Tarte Rainforest of the sea (Or at least used to! Its way too light now! Give me all the coverage!), but I find myself using MakeSense Foundation 99% of the time. The coverage is great and I love how it applies!

Favorite concealer?

I actually use a few! Makeup forever HD concealer, Nars, and SeneGence light concealer! I do own MANY others, but I don’t love them!

What setting powder do you use?

I find myself using Laura Mercier and SeneGence powder! You can’t go wrong with either!

What do you prime your eyes with?

Candlelight. Every. Single. Time. I use ShadowSense Candlelight! I have hooded eyes and can’t risk creasing!

Favorite eyeshadow?

When I’m not using ShadowSense, I’m almost always using Morphe! Every look you see on me that is bold (like green and purple) are from Morphe. I love how their shadow is powder yet creamy! There is a bit of fall out, but so does every other powder shadow! My go to Morphe palettes are 15N, 35B & 25A.

Eyeshadow tip!!

Spray the shadow on your brush with a setting spray before applying it!

What do you use for your brows?

Although my brows are now micro bladed, I use Anastasia of Beverly Hills.

Favorite setting spray?

I personally use Makeup Forever, but Urban Decay all nighter is a great option too!

What Mascara do you prefer?

I’m a mascara BRAT! I’m so picky it’s hard to find the perfect one! I will always love Urban Decay Perversion, but currently I’m loving Benefit Bang sealed with Too Faced Better Than Sex WATERPROOF! Waterproof is a must for me no matter what because my mascara always flakes!

Favorite bronzer?

Powder- Kat Von D Shades Light palette and Hoola by Benefit

Cream – Bronze BlushSense

Best highlighter?

Becca Moonstone is the best powder highlighter and SeneGence Pearlizer is the best liquid highlight! I typically use Pearlizer mixed with tinted moisturizer and Becca to softly (ok, lets be honesty.. HEAVILY) highlight my cheek bones!

Favorite CC cream/tinted mositurizer?

HANDS DOWN SeneGence has the best CC tinted moisturizer! I typically wear this 6/7 days a week!

What blush do you like?

I was once told to always use cream blush, and although I sold cream blush, for some reason I was too scared to make the switch! The day I tried it I knew I would never go back! I can honestly say I have never used powder blush since! SeneGence has a GREAT cream blush and let me tell you, a LITTLE goes a VERY long way! I also use cream blush on my lips and eyes sometimes!!

Best lipstick?

I swear to goodness I am not just saying this because I sell it, LipSense. LipSense it the reason I started wearing lipstick! I was always a gloss girl (and somedays I still am), but NEVER AGAIN will I wear red lipstick on my teeth! NOTHING compares (go to my youtube channel to watch the comparison video I did)!

LipSense Video

What skin care do you use?

SeneGence, and I’ll never wear anything else. I can not believe my results and after HOURS (probably days at this point) of researching, I know these products work! They are scientifically backed and are proven to work! I use the normal to dry line, Facial Resurfacer, Climate Control and nangai oil. I have used the anti wrinkle and other products, but they are not part of my daily routine (although they probably should be)!

What skin care did you use before SeneGence?

Before I started with SeneGence, I was on accutane and only used Cetaphil due to being on meds and not knowing about SeneGence products yet! Prior to that I have used Dr. Dennis Gross, Dermalogica, Murad, and many others. I actually loved Dr. Gross’ Alpha Beta peel system! The others I did not have good results with. Murad actually broke me out BAD!

Did Accutane help you?

Oh my word you guys! It was the most intense treatment I have ever put my body through. I still suffer from joint damage to this day, but it was the best thing I ever did! I had horrible cystic acne and after many attempts with RX and over the counter meds, my dermatologist was right, it was my only option!

What license do you have?

I’m a cosmetologist. I went to beauty school back in 2006 and soon after practiced hair. I then became a mom and quit the salon. Skin care quickly became my passion (as you could only imagine)! I would love to some day work in a spa a couple days a week or teach skin care knowledge classes.

How do you get your hair that color?

I get this question almost daily! I have an amazing hair stylist in Seattle who does baby lights on the top and balayages the underneath and my ends! We bleach it to a very light blonde and we tone it with violet. At home I use a shampoo toner, and that is how I achieve this look! You do have to be licensed to purchase, so ask your stylist about it. It’s called Water colors Silver.

Do you make money selling SeneGence?

Of course I do, otherwise I would only be in it for the personal discount to get my own products! I do however work hard for what I have!

Favorite drugstore brand?

I’m going to have to go with NYX!

Is there a brand you can not stand?

There are MANY skin care brands I can not stand, but my lips are sealed because that’s not my place!

Where do you shop for makeup?

Sephora, Nordstrom, Ulta,, and of course

Favorite beauty guru?

My girl, Jacyln Hill (I’m acting like I know her… I freaking wish haha)

Do you teach makeup classes?

Unfortunately, not any more! I may again in the future, but right now this blog and my makeup tutorials on my Facebook page are my babies!

Favorite LipSense colors?

Pink champagne, Bella, Praline Rose, Fly Girl, Sassy Z, Goddess, and Dark Pink!


Thank you for taking the time to read this! If I didn’t answer one of your questions, please leave it in the comment section below! As always, don’t forget to follow Lip Love Beauty Blog to stay in the know!!




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