SeneGence Self Tanning Coconut Milk!

Let me start out by saying, this self tanner is BOMB! I’ve been self tanning for YEARS and this is the ONLY self tanner I have used and not messed up! Have you ever bought a self tanner and not used it because you were scared of the outcome? Maybe you were worried it would be streaky? Why do we buy products we are too scared to use? Let me tell you, I have purchased a few of those in my past! I was that girl you would whisper to your friend about! You know exactly what I’m talking about ladies! The girl in public who is way too orange, have streaks, or have it on her clothing…that was me! DON’T BE THAT GIRL! Its embarrassing! Start using SeneGence Self Tanning Coconut Milk and stop wasting your money on products that you don’t trust!

How to apply/comparison video


How much does it cost?


How much product do you get?

4 FL OZ! This is NOT an aerosol so you do not pay for AIR! How amazing is that? šŸ˜‰

Does it instantly bronze you?

No! This self tanner takes about 4 hours to develop its natural color!




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