How to Become a Distributor! Start Selling Makeup and Skin Care Today!

I’m going to break it down to you in 3 easy steps!

  1. RESEARCH! When joining MLM & DS companies you need to make sure you are selling these products because you love them and believe in them, not just love them because you sell them! You also need to research who has the best comp plan (because after all, you are doing this to make $$), who has morals and values and my favorite part of this biz, the sisterhood! You WILL make friends you never knew existed!
  2. Find a powerful up line! I’m talking someone who will be there for you, that will help you understand the business, can answer any and all questions you may have, that does trainings and actually wants you to be successful, not just make them money!
  3. Once you have found the company and up line you want to sign up with, hopefully that will be with SeneGence, then you can go to the company website and sign up!

*** If you are signing up to sell SeneGence under me, please click sign up here! Once I have received the email confirmation I will help you get started and allow you access to my team trainings! ***

If you have any questions about selling SeneGence and how this business works, please comment below or feel free to email me at I would love to answer any questions you may have!

Find more HERE!

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