Unlocking the Top 4 Skin Care Basics

Maybe you’re new to this whole skin care thing or maybe you’re fully aware, but your routine is just not working anymore! Whatever it may be, I’m here to help you! My friends don’t call me the skin care guru for nothing!


What are the four basic products you need in your routine?

  • Cleanser
  • Exfoliant
  • Moisturizers
  • Hydrator


You need to be cleansing your face morning and night to gently remove dirt, sebum & debris from your pores!

Are there different cleansers for different skin types?

YES! There are actually four different skin types! Dry, normal to dry, normal to oily, & oily to acne. Need help deciding which one is right for you? Comment below and I will personally create a skin care system for you!



Exfoliants are extremely important in your skin care regimen. Typically you should be exfoliating 2-3 times a week. If you’re oily, I would ramp this up to 4 times a week as your sebum can act like cement to your face/pores!

If I have dry skin do I still need to exfoliate?

YES! Every skin type needs to exfoliate! I promise, you will never have nice skin without this step. You need to be scrubbing off all the extra dead skin cells clogging your pores!

What is the best exfoliant?

That depends on your skin and preference. If you are very sensitive or have aged skin, polishing exfoliator is best for you. It is a very gentle light scrub! If you are anything like me and need to basically use sand paper because you love the feeling of a deep clean and want the texture of your face to feel like a babies bottom, then Facial Resurfacer is for you! It’s a little more “intense” yet still a super gentle exfoliant! Both made with volcanic ash and nangai oil, you will be left with a more even texture while getting the moisturizing properties from the nangai oil!! Both exfoliants are polished, meaning there are not sharp edges! Believe it or not, some drug store brands use walnut shells that are not polished and cause microscopic lesions to your face. Dirty and pollution then enters into that broken skin and that is when your face freaks out and you start looking the a topping that belongs on pizza!



All moisturizers come in the same line as your cleansers do (dry, normal to dry, normal to oil, oily to acne).

Daytime VS Evening. What’s the difference?

The difference between daytime and evening moisturizers are the ingredients. Both are made for your skin type, but the evening moisturizers have more anti-wrinkle properties! You are not using your facial muscles nearly as much while your sleeping versus while you’re awake! The daytime moisturizers are lighter weight so your makeup goes on flawless, while the evening moisturizers are a thicker night cream.

Do I have to use the same moisturizer type as my cleanser?

NO! Typically most people do stay on the same line, but lets say if you are traveling and need more moisturize, you can always mix and match your cleansers and moisturizers to different skin types!




THIS is where it’s at. If you watched my skin care video you know this is my jam. Hydrators are what most people are missing in their daily routine! Morning and night you MUST be using Climate Control. Climate Control is an intense hydrator for your cells, traveling at a much deeper level than any moisturizer. With SenePlex complex and sodium hyaluronate, you will immediately feel your skins thirst being quenched.

Fun facts! Sodium Hyaluronate is the salt from hyaluronic acid! It’s molecular weight is much smaller and easily absorbed! It holds 1,000 times its weight in water!  Hello hydration!!

Do I have to use a hydrator if I’m using a moisturizer?

YES! So much yes. This is a key component to hydrating your cells down to the dermis layer where they are being created! If you aren’t using Climate Control to hydrate your skin cells, and SenePlex Complex to speed up cellular renewal, your cells are basically flat and dried out by the time they are getting to the surface. HELLO WRINKLES!

Do I have to use a hydrator and moisturizer?

YES! They work on different layers of the skin! Climate Control hydrator penetrates much deeper, where as moisturizers are surface level. You also MUST seal Climate Control in with a moisturizer to keep it from evaporating off into the atmosphere.

Does SeneGence sell more than one hydrator?

YES! SeneGence has created not only Climate Control, but a brand new Hydrating Serum Mist! The ingredients are much different and they serve different purposes. Climate Control is an intense hydrator to be used morning and night. Hydrating Serum Mist actually gets it’s hydrating properties from the surrounding areas, pulling and locking in moisture! It can also be used throughout the day under and over your SeneGence cosmetics! It’s a very light mist that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and revitalized!



Have questions? Please comment below!!



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